Part II
Historical Experiences

6. The Constitution of the Republic of Inda  

by Anashri Pillay

Constitutional Documents

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  • The Indian Constitution
    THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a 1 [SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC] and to secure to all its citizens: Preamble. JUSTICE, social, economic and political; LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship; EQUALITY of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them…The Indian Constitution
  • Government of India Act 1935
    Government of India Act, 1935. [26 GEo. 5. CH. 2,] - PPL1Q CJ FOR THE C SE.ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS. PART I. INTRODUCTORY. Section. 1. Short 2. 3. 4. title. Government of India by the Crown. The Governor-General of India and His Majesty's Representative as regards relations with Indian States. The Commander-in-Chief in India. PART II.…Government of India Act 1935